Just Because You Get Up Every Day Doesn’t Mean You’re Alive

It’s so easy to allow our lives to pass us by.

One day fades into the next. Bills have to be paid, promises kept, handled. We turn on the TV to relieve stress, maybe pour a little wine to unwind, or escape into a book.

Life becomes a norm of crushing busyness, punctuated with weekend plans here and there, and the occasional vacation. Until one day you wake up and ask yourself, “Is this really it?”

It doesn’t have to be this way.


It doesn’t have to be this way.
In fact, in just three days you could:

  • Feel more alive, more engaged, more passionate about your life
  • Be more confident in your choices 
  • Easily change negative habits that cause undue stress, health problems and financial worries
  • Face and fix issues and challenges in your life
  • Realize your potential to be more innovative and creative 
  • Take action, often in areas of your life where you’ve been stuck for years 
  • Become more emotionally resilient and able to withstand life’s challenges
  • Think bigger, take more risks, and think outside of the box

I had the honor of attending the first 300% Life Unusual Unconference and was blown away with the experience. This wasn’t your usual sit-on-your-ass-and-be-lectured to kind of event. It was dynamic, interactive, experiential and a multi-sensory trip into awareness of yourself. Monica’s energy and perspective are fresh and engaging. I thought I had a pretty good handle on who I am, but Monica found a way to crack me open and show me there’s more. Much more. I can hardly wait for the next one…I’ll be back!”

Mark Semple

If there was ever a time when we all need to be
fully awake, fully alive, and able to withstand the waves
the world send our way, that time is now. 

Join Me For
The 300% Life Unusual Unconference

The 300% Life Unusual Unconference isn’t your average hotel-based conference, where you sit and take notes all day, make polite chit chat during breaks — and then go home to figure out how to apply everything you learned to your life. Alone.

We all know too well how that usually goes. A tiny bit sticks — but a lot doesn’t.

You won’t just talk ABOUT the things you want to do, the way you want to be, the person you think you could become. You get a chance to BE that person you see in your mind’s eye — in real time. That’s because this event is more experiential in nature — a chance for you to actually try something new, not just think about it, or hear about it from other people.

That’s what makes this an UNconference.

Together, we will pierce the veneer of “professional” behavior — and be unapologetically raw and real together. You can drop all the pretenses and just be yourself, speak your truth, find your courage. And witness others doing the same. It’s game-changing. Life-changing.


You can apply what you experience at the unconference
to any part of your life — your business, your relationship,
your parenting, your friendships — seriously, anything.


Who Should Attend
The 300% Life Unusual Unconference?


Late bloomers

And anyone who is:

In a life transition
Sick of this sh*t
Bursting with unfocused energy
Finally ready

“I was surprised by the common thread of our stories, and how the space created allowed and encouraged me to go deep and honest in my sharing. It’s life changing. A pivotal moment that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

Stacy Menditto

The 300% Life Will Challenge You…essensuality workshop presentation, april 16-2012 Philadelphia

  • to get in touch with your desires, and learn how to share them powerfully
  • to tap into a sense of purpose, so your life feels less busy and more inspired
  • to find your voice, and express yourself with comfort and ease
  • to feel alive in every moment, every day
  • to shake off whatever messages you have that are in your way
  • to stake a claim on a dream you have, and replace empty talk with powerful action

“AMAZING! Life changing…opened up my communication with everyone in a whole new way. Made me less afraid to express myself and how I truly feel. I have the knack for being able to “beat around the bush” with things that are all filler really, and Monica, you really got down to the deep place that I have always been scared to come from.”

Sunny Pierce

Just Say Yes

Yes, it’s risky. Yes, it’s edgy. Yes, you are going to try new things. Some of it will be scary.

What if you JUST SAY YES to it all?

We spend so much of our lives second guessing ourselves. Holding back. Worrying about — will this be worth it? What if it isn’t? What if , what if, what if…

Here’s the thing about The 300% Life…

There’s literally no way to not get something out of this experience. It’s not possible. That’s the thing about having an experience, versus taking a class or going to a conference.

The value of a conference is based on the information shared, the expertise of the leadership, the elbows you’ll rub. But this event is an experience. And there is no such thing as an experience that doesn’t have an impact. That is why experiential learning is so powerful.

You simply can’t f*ck up an experience up. You can’t get it wrong. You can’t know in advance what will happen or how you will use it later. You can’t predict how you’ll feel. But you will transform in meaningful ways — that much is guaranteed.

I’m saying YES to you — in a big way. Join me, won’t you?


I’m saying YES to you — in a big way. Join me, won’t you?

Lets be AWAKE and ALIVE together,